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Justice Reigns   Raymond Crane

Justice Reigns

220 страниц. 2013 год.
JustFiction Edition
Relax and enjoy Justice Reigns, comprising three pieces of short, easy reading fiction, with romance, family conflict and moral dilemmas being the dominant themes. In Justice of the Heart, Benjamin Thickett is a young lawyer with principles. He defies the conventions of his contemporaries as well as falling for the prettiest girl in the law club. He has his friends and his adversaries but he strives to protect the less wealthy, the less well connected, until one of his cases yields him a sum of six million dollars. In Sara’s Satellites, family and friends like to think they are protecting Sara from disagreeable circumstances and objectionable relationships as they orbit around her. Her father arranges for her to marry the son of a wealthy business colleague. While, in The Templar Mafia, Geraldo is at the mercy of the Black Hand, a society descended from an ancient order of Templar Knights, who mix legal, religious and spurious practices to achieve their, and Geraldo’s father’s, own...
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