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Injuries reported in Nyanza Provincial hospital, western Kenya   Japheths Ogendi and John Ayisi

Injuries reported in Nyanza Provincial hospital, western Kenya

64 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Injury is fast emerging as a major global public health problem. In developing countries the burden of injuries is expanding and new risks are also emerging. However, injury control has suffered historical neglect for many centuries probably because injury has been viewed as “accidents” a term which has the impression of inevitability. Public health approach to injury control and prevention involves four steps. The four steps are: determining the magnitude, scope and characteristics of the problem; identifying the factors that increase the risk of injury and disability and determining modifiable risk factors; assessing what measures can be taken to prevent the problem, by using the information obtained in the second step to pilot and evaluate interventions; finally implementing the most promising interventions on a broad scale. This work contributes to the first step using information obtained from Emergency Department in a hospital in a developing country. The...
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