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The Human Adult clavicle Bone-A Morphological And Morphometric Study   Gaurav Agnihotri and Anuradha Dehiyan

The Human Adult clavicle Bone-A Morphological And Morphometric Study

180 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The clavicle is variable in shape and exhibits dramatic variations in both curvature and cross-sectional geometry.The variations should be taken into account while performing clinical procedures. The present work on normal and variant morphology of 600 clavicles in North Indians provides a base- line data for all morphometric parameters in sexes, which may be useful for mathematical modeling and biomechanical studies of human clavicles.This is of definite significance as clavicular morphology is known to be influenced by cultural , environmental and racial factors. The study quantifies physical parameters for the clavicle and endeavours to give a special emphasis to the influence of‘sex factor’ on morphology of clavicle so as to establish the dimorphic criterion and its significance in both males and females.
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