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Factors Hindering People to Voluntarily Donate Blood in Tanzania   Rebecca Mahenge

Factors Hindering People to Voluntarily Donate Blood in Tanzania

116 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Blood donation is vital in medicine and treatment, and it requires many people to volunteer to donate so as to ensure an adequate and consistent supply of blood. Blood is the living force of human bodies. Therefore, enough blood must always be available in blood banks and hospitals as well to carter for the anticipated requirements of blood.Non-availability of sufficient blood is a problem in some regions of the world particularly in developing countries such as Tanzania. This is because few people are ready to donate blood voluntarily.Factors identified to contribute for people being not ready for voluntary blood donation include among others; Lack of knowledge and appropriate information, Existing myths and misconceptions towards blood and blood donation as well as inadequate blood donation campaigns targeting community members other than secondary students. To intervene the problem of blood shortages in blood banks and hospitals, sustainable strategies should be devised focusing on...
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