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Alternative Medicare   Frankline Oyese Omuse

Alternative Medicare

208 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Alternative medicine sometimes referred to as botanical medicine or herbalism, is the oldest form of healthcare known to mankind. It involves the use of plants, or parts of plants, to treat injuries or illnesses.The focus of Alternative medicare book remains the provision of a reading design for use by individuals seeking alternative therapy also called complementary therapy. The sequence of the topics discussed begins with an introduction, which discusses the history of alternative medicine and its current state. It is followed by the human body system, Philippine traditional and alternative medicine and Chinese herbs. HIV and Alternative medicine follows, then another chapter, The Hope of mankind, in which the author discusses at length three plants that are being researched on. The second last chapter takes a look at the future of alternative medicine: in USA and in Africa. The last chapter is the health questionnaire. Lastly, I recommend this textbook as a reference material for...
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