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AAL Safe   Catia Costa

AAL Safe

76 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Falls are one of the major difficulties lived by the elderly. They are the main cause of injuries and traumas among the eldest age group, which combined with the waiting time for the health care providers increases morbidity risk and their inability. In order to help answer the fall related problem it has been used the Wii remote control, a recent and high level gaming technology. The wiimote contains an accelerometer which acquires acceleration data that is processed and used to obtain patterns to detect a fall and identify different Daily Routine Activities (DRA). Thus, this book is proof concept that had the objective of monitoring the daily routine activities of the user and above all, to detect risky situations such a fall. The purpose of the book is to describe the system and clarify the different stages of its implementation.
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