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Blood Injury Injection Phobia   Ab Latif Wani and Anjum Ara

Blood Injury Injection Phobia

164 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
It is hard to live with Blood Injury and Injection phobia in 21st century as the sufferers to this phobia usually avoid hospital appointments. It proves much dreadful at times, when it coincides with other medical problems which need urgent attention or sometimes important life saving surgeries. In this book you can know all about BII phobia where it comes from and how it can be treated. Many studies associated phobias to genes. This make many people lose hope and they live their whole life as heredity victims. However there is a new rising science like epigenetics and neuroplasticity, by which you can yourself reorganize your brain structure by just changing your thoughts. In this book you can learn how to free yourself from the dreaded phobias through these new sciences. You can learn to live life above genes and prevent yourself from being the genetic victim. You are through this book directed how to make your genes to work at your will. Discover your own potential and the power of...
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