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Effects of Bonny light crude oil on the gonads of male wistar rats   Victor Fischer

Effects of Bonny light crude oil on the gonads of male wistar rats

144 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In the past decade, there has been increasing concern that hazardous substances in the environment adversely affect male reproductive health. Male fertility has declined with marked increase in the population of sub-fertile. Although the chemical composition of the crude oil varies by source, crude oil and petroleum products share certain toxic characteristics and are toxic to biological life.In our environment, these chemicals are capable of mimicking the inherent actions of reproductive hormones and hence, have the ability to disrupt the neuroendocrine system or the function of the gonads directly. This study investigated the impact of Bonny Light Crude Oil (BLCO) on the male reproductive system. Results showed reduction in final body weight, decreased sperm count, motility and morphology of animals and the results were significant at P...
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