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Attitudes of Medical Students Regarding FM As a career Choice   Abdullah Alzahrani and Hamid Osman

Attitudes of Medical Students Regarding FM As a career Choice

68 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Family and community medicine departments at the various colleges might consider agreeing upon a common relevant core of family medicine, knowledge, attitudes and skills for their students. The current study aimed at identifying the attitudes of undergraduate medical students towards family medicine as a career choice and to highlight the factors influencing their decision for selecting their future career. Accordingly, a pre-designed questionnaire reflecting attitudes of the students towards family medicine as a future career was used to collect data from the 3rd and 6th year medical students in King Abdul Aziz University. The findings of our study were in agreement with many studies tackling the same subject in different countries. It was recommended that deliberate efforts are needed to consolidate family medicine training in the undergraduate with focusing on the practical component, and to revise the payment regimen pursued for the family physicians in the governmental health...
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