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Fractal Physiology of Tumor Angiogenesis   Marco Dominietto

Fractal Physiology of Tumor Angiogenesis

196 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Angiogenesis is one fundamental element of tumor progression, since it is the process through which tumor develops its own vessel network and uses it to recruit nutrients from the host tissue. It is composed of several sub-processes that happen at different scales. Different mechanisms work first at a molecular and cellular level to promote the formation of the smaller capillaries, then others enables the maturation of the vessels and the organizations in a network structure. The link with the vascular network of the host tissue and the delivery of blood and nutrients complete the process. But, because the physiological effects acts as feedback, usually positive, at a molecular level, angiogenesis can be consider as a never-ending process, which shows several fractal properties. The aim of this work was to apply the concept of fractal physiology together with a multi-modality image approach to study the tumor angiogenesis in mouse model.
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