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Detection of HIV antibodies in oral mucosal transudate   Mayur Chaudhary and Shweta Dixit Chaudhary

Detection of HIV antibodies in oral mucosal transudate

88 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Salient features: This study demonstrates that the oral mucosal transudate can be used as a diagnostic tool for detection of HIV antibodies because of its non- invasive, convenient and safe sample collection procedure. This study utilizes the Calypte Aware test kit which is a useful device for detection of HIV antibodies in oral mucosal transudate because of its simplicity, non-invasiveness, and accuracy for sensitivity and specificity with the standard tests. This study demonstrates the usefulness of Calypte Aware Test Kit as the method of choice for screening of serological status for HIV especially in developing countries like India. This test kit may also be used in emergency room settings and in marginalized populations (sex workers, intravenous drug users, etc.). Clear and coloured illustrations for enhancement of understanding. Concise and lucid language which makes for an interesting reading. Detailed explanation of the test procedures for the discerning reader.
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