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Computer aid to diagnostic in ?epilepsy and ?Alzheimer''s disease   Simon Duchesne

Computer aid to diagnostic in ?epilepsy and ?Alzheimer''s disease

244 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Computer ?aided diagnosis ?in? neuroimaging must? rely ?on? advanced ?image processing ?techniques to? detect? and? quantify subtle ?signal ?changes that? may ?be surrogate? indicators ?of ?disease ?state. This? book? proposes ?two? such? novel methodologies? that? are? both ?based on? large? volumes? of? interest, are? data? driven,? and make use of ?cross-sectional scans? scans:? appearance-based? classification? (ABC)? and? voxel-based classification ?(VBC). The? concept ?of? appearance? in? ABC represents? the? union? of? intensity and? shape information ?extracted ?from? magnetic resonance ?images? (MRI).? The? classification method? relies? on? a? linear ?modeling of appearance? features? via? principal ?components analysis, ?and? comparison of? the? distribution ?projection ?coordinates ?for ?the populations ?under? study? within? a ?reference multidimensional ?appearance eigenspace. Classification ?is ?achieved? using? forward, stepwise? linear ?discriminant analyses,?in...
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