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Periodontal Regeneration With Doxcycline In Conjunction With Allograft   Kulmeet Kaur and Poonam Sikri

Periodontal Regeneration With Doxcycline In Conjunction With Allograft

112 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Periodontal regeneration is now a major challenge in periodontal research and practice. It involves the use of regenerative therapy to restore the defects produced by the defects produced by the disease process. Bone grafting is known to be one such most important regenerative procedures.However, the successful prevention and treatment of periodontitis is contigent upon effective control of the periodontopathic bacteria residing in the various ecological niches of the oral cavity. So,Doxycycline have been incorporated into the allograft to control infection and facilitate healing during and after periodontal therapy.It has the ability to concentrate in the GCF at levels, substantially greater than that in the serum and also binds to the tooth surface to be slowly released in active form, thereby prolonging therapeutic effects.It demonstrates anticollagenolytic and antiproteolytic properties that aid osseous regeneration and also helps in reducing periodontal disease progression.It has...
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