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New approach to the Elimination of near-surface Inflammations   Yury Nizovtsev,Artemiy Nisovtsev and Vladimir Nisovtsev

New approach to the Elimination of near-surface Inflammations

56 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
One of the most topical issues is considered in work – elimination of near-surface inflammations, especially chronic inflammations which hundreds millions people suffer and which very weakly give in to treatment. Thanks to the offered designs are eliminated (significantly slackened) inflammations of joints, a prostate gland, radiculitis, inflammations of a breast, neck areas, etc., the headache is killed. The lightweight frame conductors – from several grams for joints and to several tens grams for a waist – provides the constant heat removal from a zone of an inflammation and inflammation elimination even at impossibility of elimination of an internal source of energy that is when protective forces of an organism are not coped with the reason of inflammatory process. In the absence of designs on sale it is easy to make them independently.
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