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Risk Management in Hospital-Acquired Legionnaires'' Disease   Shang-Tao Chien

Risk Management in Hospital-Acquired Legionnaires'' Disease

120 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Over the past years, hospitals have become one of major resources to spread infectious pathogens, which nosocomial infection was frequently reported. Most of the individuals have limited concepts in bacterial transmission, and currently it lacks of the well-written, practical issues to address the problem of bacterial infection and make it easily to be understood by publics. This book is a revision of the thesis of "Apply the concepts of evidence-based medicine to strategies development in risk management for hospital-acquired Legionellosis". It encloses the guidelines of risk management of nosocomial infection in hospital through evidence-based approaches. Using laboratory techniques and by reviewing the related literatures, the book may suggest a cost-effective solution in risk management of Legionella infection. This book has profoundly contained resources in clinical and academic fields. We believe it may benefit to enrich the basic knowledge of strategies development of risk...
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