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Self-Medication among Undergraduate students of Ahmedabad   Sujal Parikh

Self-Medication among Undergraduate students of Ahmedabad

88 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Self-Medication is defined as use of medication by a patient on his own initiative or on the advice of a pharmacist or a lay person instead of consulting a medical practitioner. Practice of Self-Medication is double-edged sword. It has both the advantages and disadvantages and Self-medication involves use of drugs which have the potential to do good as well as harm. “A desire to take medicine is perhaps the great feature which distinguishes man from animals. This desire however may play havoc when a person starts taking medicines on his own, forgetting that all drugs are toxic and their justifiable use in therapy is based on a calculable risk" by William Osler. Current work on Self-Medication was to study and understand various factors which may influence the practice of Self-Medication among undergraduate students.
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