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Autogenic relaxation as intervention in badminton players   Komal Meshram

Autogenic relaxation as intervention in badminton players

96 страниц. 2015 год.
Scholars' Press
This book reveals the systematic study to assess the scientific basis of improvement of badminton player’s health following Autogenic relaxation technique like Rajyoga meditation. Lack of literature and less normative data on some aspects of physiology of badminton players made us to come out with this book. How the use of modern instruments and tools like single channel physiograph, Medspiror, RMS polyrite and WHO QOL can be done to assess the players to a vast degree of parameters is discussed at length. Evaluation of various parameters relating to CVS, respiratory system, general well being and muscle activity assessment is included. Illustrations are given by proper diagrams, photos, graphs, tables and results. How the outcomes are correlated well with help of statistics is also a part of the book. The book will be of use to Badminton players, athelets, coaching staff, trainers, sports scientists, physiotherapists and researchers.
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