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TB Program Evaluation   Deng Chuol

TB Program Evaluation

72 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The challenge in provision of public Health services in any public and private institutions is sufficient books in Monitoring and Evaluation health program. And therefore this book will helps the Health workers working at front line health facilities, Health Managers and Donor agencies in maximizing their potential,utilization and allocation of resources in TB/HIV collaboration. They will be aware on how to monitor and Evaluate the Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS program. The challenge in prevention and control of these disease in low income country are: existing of TB-MDR, low case detection rate, prevalence of HIV increase that fuel Tuberculosis. Low treatment sucess rate and treatment failure are also failurity in the program. However; to improve the over all program, indicators to be achieve must be identified according to WHO targets to increas TB case detection through active case finding and bring behavioral change during program implementation activities. Existen of newly drug...
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