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Theory of Tissue Culture and Stem Cell Therapy   Monira Abd-elatif Abd-elkader and Wael Mahmoud Kamel

Theory of Tissue Culture and Stem Cell Therapy

88 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The book is the definitive reference on one of the most exciting areas of life science research — stem cells and their use in repair and regeneration of different organs and tissues. The volume is rounded off by a set of chapters on basic stem cell biology and clinical applications and clinical experiences of stem cell therapy, considering cardiovascular disease, neurological diseases, liver disease and diabetes. These offer a sound and well-balanced view of successes to date and indications for future therapeutic routes. It presents the current state of knowledge in both basic science and clinical practice, and is an essential reference for scientists, students and clinicians. It was a great pleasure to work with our colleagues who graciously gave their time to bring this project to fruition. Although it would be impossible to delve into all the controversies and nuances of stem cell-based therapies, we believe readers will find this to be a detailed and fair representation of the...
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