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A Social, Medical and Legal Dilemma   Manoj Mohan Sattigeri

A Social, Medical and Legal Dilemma

132 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
HIV/AIDS has diverse implications pertaining to Medical, Social, Legal and Economical aspects of human existence. Our knowledge of HIV/AIDS has increased; but sufferers and scientists are still perplexed. Communities’ awareness can be clouded by cultural and traditional attitudes; which are more relevant in diverse, multicultural and multilingual communities. Physical, emotional, social and spiritual suffering of disease defies description. The realities of the condition need to be explained to all stakeholders. Effective dealing is based on integrity to deliver confident, competent and compassionate care. Governments need to fulfill adequate health and social measures. People have right and duty to participate individually and collectively in the planning and implementation of health care. HIV/AIDS carries discrimination, marginalization and stigmatization with it. By adopting the parameters balanced with medical, social, ethical and legal issues, one can definitely counter the...
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