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Early Return To Work Program In Saudi Arabia   Rabea Koshak

Early Return To Work Program In Saudi Arabia

56 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
There is a growing problem in many of the industrial organizations in the Middle East and especially in Saudi Arabia. In general, many of these problems are related to low back pain and the returning back to work process. In the mean while many programs were developed else where to cease this problem, these programs has proven to be successful in means of being cost effective, limiting the rate of absenteeism in organizations, and helping maintaining a healthier life style. The people’s awareness about the effectiveness of early return to work program for employees with low back pain in Saudi Arabia are scarce. This book, therefore, evaluates different perspectives in order to find out the feasibility of the implementation of an ERTW program in Saudi Arabia. Different results from different perspectives were displayed. The book should help to shed some light on ERTW program, and should be useful to professionals in occupational health, or anyone else who may be considering utilizing...
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