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Good Evaluation and Reporting Practices from Humanitarian Missions   Boris Budosan and Sabah Aziz

Good Evaluation and Reporting Practices from Humanitarian Missions

156 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Humanitarian assistance is needed to assist populations affected by natural and man-made disasters worldwide. Consequently, many humanitarian projects are implemented in different countries each year. Because of global economic crisis and limited funds,proper evaluation of implemented projects becomes more and more important. Transparency in reporting results is needed because humanitarian projects usually involve many different stakeholders, such as local governments, UN organizations, local and international non-governmental organizations and local communities. General public from countries which provide funds for the projects also has the right to know if these projects are worth their tax money. This book is a compilation of final field reports from three humanitarian projects and it contains evaluation of their final results. All the information is presented according to good practices on evaluation and reporting. This book can be a very useful tool for humaitarian workers,...
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