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X-smart science-2 (Destructive Anal Sex Scourges)   Mohamed Ali Elnur,Osman Mansour and Mohammed Medani

X-smart science-2 (Destructive Anal Sex Scourges)

72 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The anal sex is becoming a global phenomenon and pornography has boosted this dilemma through easy accessibility to porn stuff. This work identifies the concept of anal sex- its definition and impacts on a specific group of our human zoo. The anal and oral sexes are considered new outlets for sexual activities. It is very difficult to ignore the physiological functions of our natural orifices that add a new abnormal role to these silent holes. This work is no longer to monitor anal sex dynamics but reveals carefully the outcome of scourges and ailments that might result from such filthy attitudes. The work is also devoted as a concomitant guide to youth to maintain a solid ground to understand the exercise.
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