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Racial Differences In Metabolism   Nun Amen-Ra

Racial Differences In Metabolism

72 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The epidemic of obesity is among the most menacing problems confronting the industrialized nations of the world. The etiological origins of obesity are both biological and behavioral. The behavioral basis is apparent: individuals inclined to ingest more energy than they expend accumulate excess bodyweight. The biological basis is not nearly so clear inasmuch as multiple molecular factors influence the rate with which energy is expended at rest by individuals and this inherent variability in involuntary energy expenditure exerts an obvious influence upon one’s susceptibility to obesity. According to Dr. Amen-Ra's theory of human evolution, such metabolic variability may be attributable to inherited adaptions to austere ecological conditions prevalent during the formative phase of human evolution. Moreover, metabolic disposition may differ by race, reflecting divergent selective pressures incurred by Africoid and Europoid peoples. In this important investigation, Dr. Amen-Ra presents...
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