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Biochemistry- A Case Oriented Approach for Medical Students   Arun Kumar

Biochemistry- A Case Oriented Approach for Medical Students

272 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
When the sophomore medical student embark in MBBS they find Biochemistry very difficult as it requires more of correlations and understanding. The students loose interests in this subject as they think it comprise of cycles and recall memory, but the real understanding comes when this subject is taught well by an experienced teachers trained for teaching medical biochemistry. They fail to realize that this subject if read and understood well it becomes easy for them to understand Medicine in final year. In this book the author has given more emphasis to case studies which would create likeness and the usefulness in diagnosis of various diseases when they continue with medical curriculum.This book would definitely help to refresh their knowledge and memory just a week before exams as it contains multiple choice questions, viva voce questions and many case studies to recall there thought process and would be helping them to recapitulate their knowledge and understanding in...
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