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Metabolic Syndrome   Shahzad F. Haque

Metabolic Syndrome

180 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
There is an urgent need to develop effective strategies to combat the emerging global epidemic of Metabolic Syndrome,especially in resource crunched developing countries like India. Further studies are to be conducted towards a truly universal criterion of MetS with potential ethnic differences, and effect of genetic and perinatal factors on the latter. There are many actions of genes activated by PPAR-? agonists, only some of which are currently known. PPAR-? indeed has many faces. It is the master regulator of adipocyte differentiation yet promotes insulin sensitivity. Further research on specific modulation of PPAR-?, will target gene specificity, thereby enhancing therapeutic efficacy, particularly for metabolic diseases while reducing undesired side effects. Although much remains to be learned about PPAR gamma receptors and their agonists; they represent the first direct means to treat metabolic syndrome and will continue to catalyze research in this area, directed toward the...
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