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Endovascular Balloon Angioplasty in Management of Infragenicular CLI   Mohamed Zaki Ali

Endovascular Balloon Angioplasty in Management of Infragenicular CLI

232 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Critical limb ischemia is associated with high rates of limb loss & mortality. Within 6 months of presentation with CLI, ?25% of patients will require major amputation. An estimated 250,000 major amputations are performed annually in the United States & Europe, resulting in a significant socioeconomic burden & reduction in quality of life indicators. Published rates of mortality for CLI approach 25% at 1 year & >50% at 5 years. Among revascularization methods, surgical bypass has been regarded as the gold standard, with better anatomical and clinical durability. However, patients with CLI are often aged & not optimal candidates for surgical bypass due to medical co-morbidities. This has rendered minimally invasive procedures superiority in the recent era. Interventional therapy for tibial arteries is a key part of the vascular specialist armamentarium. Tibial artery interventional therapy has been proven to lead to limb salvage with low morbidity and mortality in patients with CLI &...
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