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Use of Tobacco induce Chronic Renal Failure in Sudanese Patients   Alkhair Idris,Mawahib Osman and Hawa Mohammed

Use of Tobacco induce Chronic Renal Failure in Sudanese Patients

84 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Chronic renal failure is a clinical syndrome that occurs when there is gradual decline in renal operation overtime.Smoking is one of the most important remediable renal risk factors. It has a negative impact on renal function even in subjects without apparent renal disease, but the adverse renal effects of smoking are particularly marked in patients with different types of kidney disease. The literature available indicates that patients with renal failure are a high risk group particularly, susceptible to smoking- induced renal damage. The renal failure is one of the most common problems in Sudan among both males and females. It is fatal disease so that this study runs to find out the negative impacts of tobacco use on renal function, by study the effect of this bad habit in patients with chronic renal failure.
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