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Detection, Measurement and Prediction of Shoreline Change in Accra-Ghana   KWASI APPEANING ADDO

Detection, Measurement and Prediction of Shoreline Change in Accra-Ghana

240 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Information about shoreline evolution trend has influenced coastal policy formulation and enabled development of sustainable coastal management practices worldwide. Numerous studies have reported varied rates of change ranging between 1.5 and 15 m/yr in Ghana''s Accra shoreline, a data starved nation. This has resulted in the lack of effective and sustainable management of the coastal resources. The study reported in this book addresses this issue using mapping data from 1904, 1974, 1996 and 2002 to estimate shoreline recession in the Accra region. Predictions for the next 250 yr were then undertaken using a variety of modelling techniques and accounting for uncertainties. The rate of erosion in the Accra region was found to be 1.13 m/yr (±0.17 m/yr). Subsequent predictions were used to identify a series of significant economic, ecological and social features at risk, and to estimate when they will most likely be lost to erosion if left unprotected. The study...
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