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Sports Related Injuries in Weight Training   Samson Othin and Annet Nankwanga

Sports Related Injuries in Weight Training

80 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Weight training refers to exercises that use weight or resistance to build strength and muscles. A lot can be gained in terms of building strength, bone mass, prevention of bone deterioration (osteoporosis) and reduction in health risks. Weight training can also help to burn extra calories, increase the basal metabolic rate and injury prevention, among others. This program can be done by both women and men although most women are scared of carrying out the training because of fear of developing muscles as this is associated with musculinity. It involves use of various mechanical weights and modalities. But these should be used cautiously because one can get injuries if not well performed. Hence trainees, instructors and gym managers need to take measures in order to prevent occurance of injuries. This study was carried out to establish the prevalence of injuries sustained by trainees on a weight training program.
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