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Horizons of Rape in Kenya   Agina Okello Bonaventure Michael,J. O. Ayugi and E. Ambani

Horizons of Rape in Kenya

152 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book, Horizons of Rape in Kenya, was born as a response to growing interest on the part of civil society organizations, government, students and the general public interest on gender based violence and rape in the country and the world generally. The project set out with the modest goal of producing a book that could help all understand what the basic elements of rape are, how it can be assimilated and what the best practices might be sought. The core premise of the book was that there were some effective practical camp signs underway that could provide excellent case material for those wishing to better understand the nature of atrocities of rape in Kenya and generally. The authors hope the book will serve as an inspiration to all who may want to set down their experiences add to this new fight on the messy world of rape and gender violence. Regarding the organization, the book consists of twelve chapters well arranged in a coherent manner. The last two chapters are...
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