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Sustain Release Micro Particles   Harnish Patel,Priyanka Patel and Nirav Brahmbhatt

Sustain Release Micro Particles

56 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The goal of any drug delivery system is to provide a therapeutic amount of drug to the proper site in the body and also to achieve and maintain the desired drug concentration. Microencapsulation is a process whereby small discrete solid particles or small liquid droplets are surrounded or enclosed, by an intact shell.The microparticles offers a variety of opportunities such as protection and masking, better processabilty, improve bioavailability, decreasing dosing frequency, improve stability, reduced dissolution rate, facilitation of handling, and spatial targeting of the active ingredient. This approach facilitates accurate delivery of small quantities of potent drugs; reduced drug concentrations at sites other than the target organ or tissue; and protection of labile compounds before and after administration and prior to appearance at the site of action.
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