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Patient Satisfaction With Health Care Facility Provided by OPD   Bishal Gyawali

Patient Satisfaction With Health Care Facility Provided by OPD

72 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Patient satisfaction surveys are useful in gaining an understanding of the users needs and their perception of the services received. Assessing the patient perspectives gives users a voice, which if given systematic attention offers the potential to make the services more responsive to the people’s need and expectation; important elements of making the health system much more effective. It is the important indicator in evaluating the quality of patient care in the outpatient department. In this study it has been found that out of 138 respondents, 35.32 percent were highly satisfied and majority (64.68 percent) were fairly satisfied with health care facilities provided by the hospital. It was found that majority of services of the clients were satisfied with the guidance, logistics arrangements, support services, nursing care and doctor’s consultation.
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