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Media Performance in the Coverage of HIV/AIDS   Nengieh Lizzie Wantchami

Media Performance in the Coverage of HIV/AIDS

104 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The study investigates public assessment of media performance in the coverage of HIV/AIDS in four regions of Cameroon. It made use of a probability sample of 382 respondents from four towns within four regions of Cameroon including, Bamenda, Buea, Yaounde and Douala actually distributed in a rank order of prevalence of HIV/AIDS. 400 questionnaires were sent to the field giving a response rate of 95.5%. Findings reveal that the media provides sufficient information about HIV/AIDS to the Cameroon public though limited in quality. Also, the study concludes that there is an overall significant relationship between media coverage of HIV/AIDS and behaviour. However, some behaviour like the use of condom, care for HIV/AIDS patients and embarking on voluntary testing did not show this significant relationship. Notwithstanding, television was rated as the most reliable and most performed medium for information about HIV/AIDS. Spearman’s Rank Difference Correlation also showed that there exist...
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