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Fracture Calcaneum - Ligamentotaxis by multiplaner Fixator   Ajai Singh

Fracture Calcaneum - Ligamentotaxis by multiplaner Fixator

88 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Despite of the relative prevalence of fracture calcaneum, all aspects of this injury are still controversial. As far as management of these fractures are concerned, there is no consensus about the real indications for various modalities of treatment, including conservative, open surgery or semi-invasive – ligamentotaxis. Any modality which can achieve following parameters: 1) To maintain height & length of calcaneum; by observing ‘Tuber’ & ‘Crucial’ angles 2) To restore mechanical axis of hind foot, 3) To realign the posterior facet of Calcaneum, 4) Reducing heel width; can be considered as ideal for these fractures. Ligamentotaxis is a phenomenon of # reduction by applying axial traction to a fractured bone when the soft tissue attachments of that bone are still intact. These attachments serve to draw the fragments back into anatomical alignment once one has restored the soft tissue components to its original length. To declare ORIF of # calcaneum as clear winner by virtue of no. of...
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