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Cholinesterases in Human Odontogenesis   Tharanga Nandasena

Cholinesterases in Human Odontogenesis

144 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Over the last few decades, the expression of cholinesterase (ChE) in non-neuronal sites puts forward the non-synaptic role of ChE in different other tissues. An association of it with proliferative and morpho-differentiating tissue has been reported in several species. Demonstrating ChE in developing teeth suggested an involvement of ChE in tooth development. However, the precise action of this intriguing enzyme in tooth development is not entirely elucidated. In fact, this book provides added clarification on the putative action of AChE primarily on enamel organ of tooth germ and BuChE on degenerating dental lamina. Localization of AChE at different sites of enamel organ, which is devoid of nerve elements, implies non-neuronal functions of AChE in human tooth development. Action of ChE during tooth development may be mediated through its unique structural features or the receptor mediated catalytic action. The book helps shed some light on this new and exciting avenue of...
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