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The Eyes in Prison   Mohan Singh Rana

The Eyes in Prison

120 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Prison has been developed in the world to control human civilization and society in many respects. The series of changes seems with centuries which bring this situation.This study explored about imprisonment, justice in health, socio-economic structured function. This is a kind of social class whereas found diversities belonging to culture, economy, ethnicity, subjectivity and many others. Prison sentence hunter their life and negatively impact in their occupational status, social adjustment and psychological trauma. Because of this, temperature of the emotion, climate of the body, pulses of feeling seems unstructured. So it has to be climb from narrower concept to liberal attitude especially in health for the betterment of upcoming future of prisoners'. This unique study in health and justice of prisoners' in Palpa Prison, Nepal will be interesting and fascinating for the students, scholars, readers, health workers, sociologist, medical anthropologist, historian, prisoners' legal...
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