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Perception of Sickle Cell Disease and Genotype Screening in Nigeria   Francis Eremutha

Perception of Sickle Cell Disease and Genotype Screening in Nigeria

180 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Sickle Cell Disease has become recognized as a world wide problem affecting millions of people. Despite the common occurence of the disease, public awareness is low with the condition often attributed to cultural beliefs such as "ogbanje" and "abiku" (children born to taunt their parents by dying young). Beliefs change when younger, educated generations pass on their knowledge to the community where they serve as teachers, health and extension workers. This work focused on youth knowledge of sickle cell disease and aspects of prevention, like haemoglobin genotype screening. This well researched dissertation is recommended to policy makers, public health specialists, communication and behaviour change experts, advocates, educationists and programmes targeted at youths and adolescents in order to kindle and strengthen the recommended preventive behaviours.
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