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Ultrasonic Fetal Biometry   Emmanuel Mador

Ultrasonic Fetal Biometry

412 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The structural aspects of the human body are now well documented but the variables are treated as if they are homogeneous while they are not. Even though structural variations are described in Anatomy, in most cases the anatomists do not provide statistical values for the structures which are well established. They consider these structures to be rigid in their topography whereas they tend to vary from individual to individual and even from race to race. The modern Anatomist must be able to unravel this in order to provide superior information that is utilizable in various spheres of life and scientific investigations. This book, therefore, provides anthropometric reference values and predictive formulae of frequently used fetal parameters and should be especially useful to obstetricians, embryologists, perinatologists, forensic pathologists, clinical anthropologist and auxiologists
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