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Beta thalassemia major and health related quality of life   Kantamneni Vidya

Beta thalassemia major and health related quality of life

68 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Optimal medical management has reduced the difficulties faced by thalassaemics, the psychosocial problems faced by them are now of primary importance. Beta-Thalassaemia challenges the individual at physical , social , emotional, cognitive levels and disrupts the quality of life. Its frequent and complex treatment might also lead to financial burden for the individual and his/her family. Presence of chronic disease like thalassemia places tremendous psychosocial burden on the patient and family. Hence assessment of quality of life in children is important. If they survive illness, children not only have longer lives to lead compared to adults, but they are less able to voice their concerns and are more vulnerable than adults. Proper intervention strategies can be implemented if appropriate data regarding psychosocial life aspects is available.
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