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Update insights into infertility   Sophia Abdallah,Marzieh Shiva and Manzah Ashrafi

Update insights into infertility

592 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Infertility field recognizes dramatic advances at different levels: infertility treatments, laboratory techniques and genetic methods.For this purpose,this book was designed to discuss all these aspects without neglecting an overview of the physiology of reproduction for better understanding of the recent developments achieved.It approaches in detail challenging infertility conditions like poor responders and repetitive implantation failure.In addition,this volume discusses ethical issues concerning infertility management and especially third party reproduction(donation and surrogacy) . This book is an excellent companion for infertility specialists.It covers all infertility topics with a clear ,logical and practical manner.It can also be an educational resource for fellows and residents.
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