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Effects of sigma receptor ligands in mammalian myocardium   Katerina Fialova and Marie Novakova

Effects of sigma receptor ligands in mammalian myocardium

156 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The history of natural as well as medical sciences is full of fascinating stories: some discoveries were caused by mistake and some were actually not firstly perceived as new findings. Discovery and detailed research of sigma receptors belong to such stories undoubtedly. It is a terminated tale - the endogenous ligand was discovered, even if most recently. On the contrary, still some tesseras are missing in this complicated mosaic which such new receptor system represents: it still remains unclear what is their primary role in biological systems and in their regulation. This review is focused on cardiovascular effects of typical representatives of sigma receptor ligands and – at the same time clinically widely used antipsychotics – haloperidol and perphenazine. Use (or even abuse) of various antipsychotics represents worldwide trend within last few decades and thus studies focused on their side effects become a high priority. Moreover, cardiovascular system disorders belong to the...
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