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HIV/AIDS and Preventive Practices Among Street-based Female Sex Workers   S.M. Tanvir Ahmed

HIV/AIDS and Preventive Practices Among Street-based Female Sex Workers

60 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In the epidemiology of HIV/AIDS, Female Sex Workers (FSW) play significant role in facilitating the heterosexual transmission of the virus. Therefore, developing preventive practices with this group related to HIV/AIDS and STI is crucial to control the further spread of the virus among the general population. This research investigates the behavioral risk factors among FSWs in central Bangladesh that influence their preventive practices. The consistent use of condoms by FSWs during commercial sex act is the main preventive practice variable of interest. The research found that preventive practices are associated with the most recent weekly income; knowledge and awareness level; and self-reported presence of STI symptoms. On the basis of the research it is recommended that more emphasis should be given to participatory, user-friendly approaches during education sessions to disseminate risk reduction messages. This research will also help community-based organizations and HIV/AIDS...
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