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Vector-Borne Diseases and Blood Transfusion Therapy   Benedict M. Mwenji

Vector-Borne Diseases and Blood Transfusion Therapy

624 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This Book has been written to to provide Public Health information on Insects and Acarids (Ticks & Mites) that transmit Vector-Borne Diseases with immense Health implications both locally and internationally. Further, the author strongly believes that a book of this calibre, which discusses Arthropod Vectors, Vector-Borne Diseases, the Haematological dimension, Poverty dimension and Blood Transfusion Therapy (all in one volume) may not currently exist in Libraries and Bookshops anywhere in the World. Thus, the major Vector-Borne Diseases, especially Malaria, Leishmaniases, African and American Trypanosomiases and other Diseases transmissible through Therapaeutic Blood Transfusion (e.g. AIDS, Brucellosis and Syphilis) have been discussed. Indeed, this book may provide essential reference Health text to Physicians, Medical doctors, General Medical Practitioners, Nurses, Researchers, students and lecturers in Clinical and Veterinary Medicine and allied Health Sciences in Universities.
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