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Effect of Sudanese Aragi in the etiology of Liver disorders   Alkhair Idris,Howeida Mustafa and Taysir Hassan

Effect of Sudanese Aragi in the etiology of Liver disorders

68 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The alcoholic drink used for this study is Aragi which is a traditional Sudanese liquor prepared from dates fermented by yeast for some days. The yeast converts the sugar found in dates into alcohol. The end products of this Aragi making process is alcohol (ethyl alcohol), water and flavorings. Excessive alcohol intake leads to many adverse effects on general health which may lead to lack of awareness or to death. It also affects the economical and psychological status greatly. Research in this field is sparse and scanty, although Aragi intake is widely spreading in Sudan. This study (which handles the health effects of alcoholism in terms of liver damage manifested by enzymatic and histological changes due to excessive alcohol intake) runs to fill this gap
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