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Intensive care   Katrine Stenlund

Intensive care

60 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Jordan is a developing country which is taking measures to make the situation in the society more equal between males and females. Former research has showed that it, worldwide, sometimes is great differences between the genders in the health care. This book illuminates how it is to work in an intensive care unit and what tasks the nurses focus on. It also shows if there are differences between male and female intensive care nurses influencing on the provided care and the time spent performing it. Intensive care nurses from four different intensive care units at Jordan University Hospital are included and data from the study is compared between the units and between male and female intensive care nurses caring for male and female intensive care patients. The conclusions aim to improve the intensive care nurses work, not only in Jordan but anywhere in the world. Everybody working close to the intensive care will gain from a greater understanding in their work and it is also interesting...
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