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Domestic Water Resources Management In Yaounde, Cameroon   Kiyang Lawrence Ndoh

Domestic Water Resources Management In Yaounde, Cameroon

116 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Domestic water scarcity is still a major challenge to the population of Yaounde. The majority of the population of Yaounde uses tap water exclusively for drinking while depending on groundwater for other domestic purposes. The mean per capita daily tap water consumption in Yaounde is 19.29 litres while the mean per capita groundwater consumption is 32.94 litres. Only 44.12% of the population of Yaounde have SNEC (Societe Nationale Des Eaux du Cameroun) connections at home while the rest of the population buy their tap water from vendors at exorbitant prices. The over-dependence on groundwater is driven by lack of access to tap water, which is regarded as an improved source but which only a few can afford in sufficient quantities. Domestic water quality in Yaounde is strained by poor sanitation owed to the abandonment of large quantities of waste and the disposal of raw sewage in the environment. Only 12.75% of the population of Yaounde disposes of their household waste exclusively by...
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