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Mortality and Morbidity Conditions among Yanadi Children   Gajjala Ravi Kumar

Mortality and Morbidity Conditions among Yanadi Children

136 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The settlements of the Yanadi are considerably spread from each other. With in the settlements, the huts are widely dispersed in small clusters. These conditions facilitate isolation pathologies. The Yanadis traditionally depended on a number of forest based food items. Presently many of these food plants are not easily available. Rice and millets are now being increased. This change in the diet has resulted in nutritional deficiency which is evident among the people. Nutritional disorders such as kwashiorkor, angular stomatitis, pale conjunctivae, and flabby tongue, dull and dry hair or wrinkled hair, are commonly seen among the children and adults. In spite of these changes, it is noteworthy that the Yanadi show considerable interest in the collection and consumption of forest based food items. The Yanadi settlements are clean in comparison to many peasant agricultural villages in the neighboring plain areas. Flow of sewage water, sewage pits, garbage heaps is not conspicuous,...
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