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Fractured orbital wall reconstructions   Nenad Tanaskovic

Fractured orbital wall reconstructions

88 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Orbital walls fractures pose a serious surgical problem which demands different approaches while handling these states. Almost 40 percent of all maxillofacial region injuries include injuries of orbit and its structure. What differs them from other facial region fractures is a relatively frequent incidence of osseous defects in the fracture site. Enophthalmos, muscle entrapment, double vision, dislocated position of the eye globes which occur as a result of the volume increase i.e. dislocation of some orbital walls are extremely serious consequences of these injuries. The primary goal to be achieved, when planning an orbital reconstruction, is the reconstruction of the orbital wall (walls), as well as the creation of a new osseous structure which will allow a symmetrical reconstruction, which is necessary both for functional and aesthetic reasons. The rehabilitation of these patients demands full understanding of all the factors which led to the change in the orbital function and...
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