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Pacemakers and ICDs - General and Anesthetic Considerations   Amy Grace Rapsang

Pacemakers and ICDs - General and Anesthetic Considerations

68 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
A pace-making system consists of an impulse generator and lead(s) to carry the electrical impulse to the patient’s heart. When a device-implanted patient undergoes any procedure (with or without anesthesia), special precautions have to be observed including a focused history and physical examination; interrogation of pacemaker before and after the procedure; emergency drugs; temporary pacing and defibrillation; re-programming of pacemaker and disabling certain pacemaker functions if required; monitoring of electrolytes and metabolic disturbance and avoiding certain drugs and equipment that can interfere with pacemaker function. This book provides a clear, concise guidance in dealing with such patients. The use of equipment in procedures which can cause device interactions and the basic guidelines to prevent such interactions is comprehensively reviewed in a clear “what-to-do” style to ensure not only success in surgical or non-surgical procedures, but also the most important thing –...
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